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The City of Basse-Terre was officially twinned with the City of Pondicherry in the presence of personalities from GUADELOUPE and INDIA

During the last week of May in 1981, the City of PONDICHERRY was officially twinned with the City of BASSE-TERRE, the administrative capital of GUADELOUPE. The twinning ceremonies and celebrations took place in the picturesque setting of GUADELOUPE in general, and BASSE-TERRE in particular, from Monday May 25 to Sunday May 31, 1981.


PONDICHERRY was represented  in these events by a delegation composed of:

Mr SAVARIRAJAN, Minister of the Interior of the Territory of PONDICHERRY, Mr Joseph GNANY, retired District and Sessions Judge and Doctor ANANDAVELOU, Chief Medical Officer of ASOKA Nursing Home.

was also among the hosts:

Mr RODRIGUEZ, representing the City of ORLY


The celebrations opened on Monday, May 25, 1981 at 6 p.m. The Pondicherrian delegation was welcomed by Doctor Jérôme CLERY, Mayor of the City of BASSE-TERRE and President of the Twinning Committee, on the Champ d'Arbaud, the brass band playing the Hymn to Friendship and the cheerleaders performing their graceful dance.


After the welcome address delivered by the Mayor of BASSE-TERRE, French Television interviewed Mr. Joseph GNANY, who on this occasion presented PONDICHERRY to Guadeloupeans and briefly explained the determining reasons  of the creation of a bond of brotherhood between the two Cities.


Then was inaugurated "Avenue SIDAMBAROM", Between the José Marti bridge "Cité Grain d'Or" and the limit of the RN2, with SAINT-CLAUDE, to commemorate the memory of a great Guadeloupean of Indian origin, "Henry SIDAMBAROM" who obtained citizenship rights for the Indian ethnic group of Guadeloupe .


It is important to point out, among other events, the exhibition of paintings presented by Miss Hélène FARRUGIA? YOUNG ARTIST from Basse-Terrienne, of exceptional talent, who, without having visited INDIA, was able to create by his own imagination  original paintings on Indian subjects such as: Dourga, Ganech, Radha, Karma, Nirvana, etc.

The day ended with a reception and fireworks.


The official twinning ceremony took place in the living room of the Town Hall of Basse-Terre on the evening of Thursday, May 28.


It was preceded by a wreath laying in front of the commemorative stele of twinning and the inauguration  of Place de PONDICHERRY

What should be noted is the enthusiasm, the warm  friendship, on  can  even

say the fervor with which the Pondicherry delegation was welcomed by Guadeloupeans, in particular those of Indian origin, both at official receptions and during private contacts.



The Vice-President of the World Federation of United City Twin Cities, who was delegated by this institution to preside over this ceremony, declared  PONDICHERRY and BASSE-TERRE, twinned cities.


Speaking Mr. SAVARIRADJAN, Minister of the Interior of the Territory of PONDICHERRY, highlighted the greatness of the Indian nation in the cultural, scientific and technological plans and assured the Guadeloupeans and especially those of Indian origin, of the friendship and moral support from India.


The evenings of Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday were devoted to cinematographic performances (documentaries) and artistic and cultural events with visits to exhibitions.


On Sunday, May 31, 1981, the center of activity was CAPESTERRE-BELLE EAU, a new commune with a large population of Indian origin. the Pondicherrian delegation was received by the Mayor of CAPESTERRE with the same ceremonial as in BASSE-TERRE, during the inaugural session.

At the end of the lunch which was offered by the City of CAPESTERRE, Mr. SAVARIRADJAN, Minister of the Interior of PONDICHERRY answered the questions which were put to him by the Capesterrians, concerning India.


In the afternoon, a stele erected in memory of Henri SIDAMBAROM was inaugurated and this ceremony was followed by a cultural show (theater and ballets) at Fonds Cacao.

by the Dance Group of the Association  "Friends of India"

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