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The Indians who arrived in Guadeloupe from 1854 to 1889, came with musical instruments with the hope, the dream of using them in the host country. This dream has effectively become a reality, and Indian music has been perpetuated in Guadeloupe, since their arrival until today, with these three instruments, which are:


the Drum or Tapou, the Matalon and the Talons, used in Indian ceremonies and shows of an essentially religious and cultural nature.

tapou-complet_lmresized_1 (1).png

Talom players on the left



It is a pair of copper cymbals, with a diameter of between five and ten centimeters. This accompanying instrument gives rhythm to the music and carefully renders the intense effects at the time of dances and ceremonies.


An orchestra generally comprises 2 to 5 players of "Taloms" Their clear and crystalline sound harmonizes with that of the MATALON and marks the "Métou" and the "Villasson" One is held in each hand using a thin string placed in the center to play. Their rhythm varies according to very precise musical phrases.



Indian music in Guadeloupe has been perpetuated for almost a century and a half to the sound of this instrument accompanied by the TAPOU and the MATALON.15

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