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Hinduism in Guadeloupe

The first boat arrived in Guadeloupe in 1854, 96 convoys succeeded until 1889 to take a little more than 42000  Indian immigrants to Guadeloupe. A poor people but from a very old and rich civilization, they arrive in particular with their culture based essentially on religion.

Vedism, Brahmanism, Buddhism, Hinduism? So many religions that marked India at that time. It is agreed to accept that the Indian religion of Guadeloupe drew its origins from Hinduism.


Hindu Temples


Despite a certain creolization of their way of life, Guadeloupeans of Indian origin have succeeded in preserving many elements of their cultural heritage. We can even speak of cultural exchange between populations: Colombo of Tamil origin, for example, has become the national dish of Guadeloupe, while the Creole language and Catholicism have conquered all Hindu homes.   to the simultaneous practice of their own religion.

Hindu temples have flourished in the countryside where worship is regularly practiced.


   TSaraswati templeat Bois David Le Moule                  (Click for more information)

They are easily spotted in the countryside by the presence of colorless masts displaying red and blue flags and under which receptacles welcome offerings, candles and oil lamps. 

There are several categories of Hindu temples inGuadeloupe : Examples: the Temples of: Kali or Kalimail, Maldévilin, Maliémin, Sarasvati etc......... 

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