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Message from the founding President 1971  - 1981





ATAVISM! Yes, I believe that this is what motivated the need, then the pleasure for Guadeloupeans with Indian ancestry, to meet in an Association.


A need being felt to live a little more intensely and at certain times, the Indian part of Guadeloupe's religious heritage.


Everyone came to bring their dream of India, to form a very nice mosaic.


It is also an honor to the ancestors from India who, despite their disadvantaged social position, knew how to maintain the cultural elements of their origin. Through their way of life, their customs, their diet, they have contributed to the development of the local culture and the Guadeloupean personality.


The desire to allow all sensitivities to express themselves has led to a large representation of municipalities with a high Indian density on the Board of Directors.


The concern to address everyone and to listen to everyone, determined the diversity of the points of first meetings: Pointe à Pitre, Moule, Port-Louis, Petit-Canal, Capesterre, Saint-Claude.


The search for the Indian contribution to Guadeloupe culture not being the prerogative of the only descendants of Indians, the Association was that of "FRIENDS OF INDIA".


INDIA is a distant dream for us, which we try to live in Guadeloupe.


May this dream be pleasant.





Allow us to launch towards all those who show interest in Indian culture "A CALL FOR UNITY"

Naturally, we mean this disinterested UNITY in a spirit of self-sacrifice. It is through this constructive unity favoring the collective interest, thus and thus only, that we will contribute to a better consideration of Indian culture in Guadeloupe's cultural heritage. In doing so, we will have participated together at the same time in building the society of tomorrow that we want to be fairer and more fraternal.


May your initiatives in 2022 see the light of day under mild and favorable winds and may this year be filled with precious moments.


A vision to the advent of which we want, for our part, to join all our forces of conviction, in this new year. This is the whole meaning of the wishes for health, good understanding, tolerance... that in the name of all the members of the "Friends of India", we express for all Guadeloupeans.


2021 is gone while crescent at midnight in the turn of infinity, the NEW YEAR  dressed in a mantle of PEACE, brings abundant happiness, but announces nevertheless that the chain of time is on the run and the years continue to pile up.

So, stay young in the head as always, refuse all evils during these twelve months. Welcome 2022 with yours   without complaining. Advance with determination the long road of this new year dappled with dew and love. This is what I wish for everyone.


I wish that we have as often as possible: a heart overflowing with JOY, a mind in PEACE and a sparkling body of HEALTH, for the good living together.

          _cc781905-5cde-3194 -bb3b-136bad5cf58d_           _cc781905 Happy New Year!

Message from the current President from 1989  to  2022  

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